Donaldsonville High News


Stephen Sullivan huddled under a highway bridge in Irving, Texas. He was 10 years old, maybe 11, with nowhere to go. Cars thumped overhead. He tried to sleep.


After a successful basketball season in Ascension, the Donaldsonville Chief has released its All-Parish teams.


After two quiet seasons, LSU's Stephen Sullivan has blossomed into a solid wide receiver.


Donaldsonville quarterback Jaylin Williams (6) makes a pass against De La Salle's defensive end Accord Green (96) during the first half Nov. 2 at Pan Am Stadium in New Orleans.


When Donaldsonville High School learned it had earned a state letter grade of B this year, it didn't let the achievement go by unnoticed.


Students at Donaldsonville High School received an inspirational message about overcoming adversity from motivational speaker Alton Carter. The Oklahoma-native travels the country sharing his story of strength, perseverance, and determination.


When LSU takes on Florida University Saturday, a retired librarian from Donaldsonville will be in the national spotlight. Michele Macloud is being recognized for the impact she's had on the life of an up and coming LSU football player.


Learning never stops. Each and every year, Donaldsonville High School teachers and administrators are consistently engaging in new learning experiences, researching best strategies and practices, and using what works to improve student achievement.